Sexy Women Lace Lingerie Set

Sexy Women Lace Lingerie Set Front Split Hem Patchwork Babydoll Dress
What a sexy little negligée.  I am writing about the this Women’s Lace Lingerie set with a split hem.  

You might call it a nightgown, or 2 piece sleepwear, but this is see through, and so pretty with the lace across the bust line, and at the bottom of it.  It also has pretty satin bows, which makes it so feminine.

I have updated some model photo wore by a real women, so you can see the product, but It  only modeled it for exhibition. She got the small, and it fits so well, isn’t tight, but shows off the assets. The 2 splits in the front, which allows it to open up, but with the G-string, you still leave a little imagination for your partner.

The straps are adjustable, so you can lift your boobs up, if you want to show more cleavage.

It comes in  4 colors (Light Blue, Dark Red, Black, Purple) and 5 sizes (S/M/L/XL/XXL). So there is plenty of choice for you.

This would be a cute gift to give as an anniversary present.  You could give it to your husband, as he would get to view you in it, or he could buy it for the lady in his life.  Either way would work.

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